My goal is to be you and your dog’s inspiration for a happy life together!

Edith von Rickenbach

Private Dog Training

I work independently and objectively on a one to one basis. We start with a consultation at home including a detailed assessment of your situation and discuss any particular problems. This is followed by a series of practical and understandable lessons, designed according to your needs, and I’m available to discuss any questions with you in between sessions.

I look forward to helping you and your dog have an enduring relationship!

Contact me without obligation:
+41 (0)79 919 47 07

About me

My passion has become my profession. I love working with people and dogs on different levels.

From 1989 to 2012 I worked with various breeds of sports and hunting dogs. In addition to their abilities and performance, these domestic dogs were a wonderful addition to our family.

During this time, I was also a member of various SKG groups (the Swiss Cynology Association), ring secretary at international dog shows, director of junior dog and parenting courses, as well as a long-standing member of various boards.

Continuous education and training are still an important part of my work. This includes a wide range of topics on dog ownership and dog behavior:

  • Methodology and didactics in individual and group leadership
  • Leading Education Courses
  • Problem dogs and shelter dogs
  • Alternative methods for the well-being of the dog
  • Veterinary medicine (1 semester)
  • Nutritional advice (2 semesters)
  • Regular updates in the field of ethology (comparative behavioral science / behavioral biology)

My life has been shaped by the way humans and animals interact and live together. My experience is based on many years of working towards many different training goals with dogs and horses of varying breeds and temperaments.

The dogs taught me ... to lead with patience, discipline and clear communication
The horses taught me ... to lead and guide with sensitivity and empathy
The goats taught me ... wit, humor and tolerance

Today I focus on private training, mainly with family dogs, and love to share my knowledge and experience with keen and interested owners.

Call me without obligation:
+41 (0)79 919 47 07

A human-dog relationship develops, forms and strengthens itself in the course of living together and is based on understanding, trust, leadership and mutual respect.

Edith von Rickenbach